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Current Software to help each and every partner of the Healthcare Ecosystem.

Hospital Management Information System ( HMIS )

We provide well-grounded Hospital Management Software for professionally run hospitals and hospital chains.

A unified solution in Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) for large to mid-sized hospitals and polyclinics facilitates managing the functioning of the whole Hospital day to day activities.

Our HMIS package have been designed for hospitals who require value-based solutions at low costs. HMIS software has been designed after extensive study and research into the various aspect of hospital functionality.

Our products are designed to support all the major features required by a hospital and are designed with a modular architecture which allows a high level of scalability and flexibility for the end user.

HMS Features

A complete integrated solution for your single to multi chain healthcare

In-Patient Services

Our HMIS package handles the various functionalities of I.P Management including tasks like Unique Medical Number Assignment, Patient Data, Bed management processes and etc.

Out-Patient Services

Our HMS handles the entire requirement of a hospital. A highly flexible user interface has been designed, with high-level access control for various users based on needs of the hospital.


Our HMS package handles of IP, OP, Laboratory, and pharmacy billing systems across the hospital and helps generate various types of billing for customers based on the hospital policies.

Laboratory Management

Billing of all types, report generation and printing is possible within few seconds having no chances of flaws or errors.

Operation Theater

Customized for various types of applications and integrate the management of pre and post-operative care for the patient.

Pharmacy Management

It manages purchase, sale and stocking of drugs / medical consumables with complete analysis of sale and purchase ledgers.

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