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Management Information System

We Provide tools to organize, evaluate and manage efficiently
the departments within an organization.

Information is the resolution of uncertainty.

Eron provides services for the development of information systems for business needs. These MIS systems have the capability to provide users with the tools to organize, evaluate and manage efficiently the departments within an organization.

Special purpose Office Information Systems are also developed oriented towards business process evaluation and management. We work with the customers in offering them the required IT solutions through database oriented MIS which streamlines and organize their business.

MIS Key Offering

We have enabled you to take critical business decisions since, Information is the key to business which can change the way you do business.


Accuracy of information

Information supports decisions, decisions trigger actions, actions affect the performance of an organization.


Solving the Problem

The organizational problems are aggregates of small problems thus solution to these will solve organizationally.


Security & Authentication

A category of user authentication credentials consisting of elements that are integral to the individuals.


Nature of

Management information systems take data, generated by the working level and organize it into useful formats.

Why MIS?

Works as a complete comprehensive system covering a long term planning which can becomes a back-bone to your organization.

Minimizes Information

MIS change the larger amount of data in to summarize form and avoids the confusion when managers are flooded with detailed facts.

Brings Co-ordination

MIS facilities offer integration of specialized activities by keeping each department aware of the problem and requirements.

Makes Control Easier

MIS is a link between managerial planning and control. It improves the ability of management to evaluate and improve performance.


Successfully used for measuring performance and making changes in the organizational plans and procedures even at lower levels.

MIS Approach At Eron

We enable you that our Management Information system that provides regular reports to control the complete organization so that your business processs becomes easier.

We Makes Faster retrieval of data.

We Understand customer's business process and current problems.

Our Automated structures delivered after a collection of best assurance testing.

We Make Marketing Decisions

We Make prototype screens for the client to understand how the business process flow will take place in the system.

We Look After Sales Maintenance and Cost Effective.